The end of the year is here which means the run up to Christmas, which means eating a lot, drinking a lot, partying a lot but very little sleep as we are still working a lot! But it is a great time of year,  everyone is in a great mood, socialising and letting their hair down.

We have been busy Elves this December working on some great projects and enjoying a party or two….




Here are a few of our favourite nights some of us have been to this December.

We had a Danish Christmas dinner with Kvadrat which was home cooked and delicious! Perfectly cooked pork with sweet red cabbage, lovely wine and great company.IMG_2456 IMG_2462 IMG_2463



We were also invited out by Day2 for drinks on a roof top bar with a view of St Paul’s Cathedral. It was a beautiful December night, cold but clear and dry, perfect for standing outside all wrapped and enjoying some wine. We were then on fire as we went for an exciting dinner at Benihana where they cooked all the food in front of us. We had such a great night, we lost track of time and were the last in  the restaurant missing tubes and trains we had to ‘Uber’ it home!

photo[2] IMG_9695



Cocktail making was next, Allermuir took us out to a cocktail making class, which was great as not only did we learn how to make the drinks we got to do a lot of tasting too 😉

FullSizeRender[1]  IMG_9759


We then had our own Penson Party and as we don’t do things by halves this is an event we look forward to all year round! This year it began with putting our safety gear and overalls on as we prepared to battle in a war of paint balling! Getting shoot by the little blue paint ball stung an awful lot and some did come away a little more bruised than others. We are all very competitive – there was going to be no mercy; but it was so much fun!!

The bus trip on the way home was interesting… We stunk! I mean we were really stinking! We were muddy Penson’s and could not wait to get back for a shower!

IMG_9816 IMG_9828



Once showered and clean again it was cocktail time! Dressed up and looking gorgeous we went to a few bars in Shoreditch before going to dinner at the Tramshed. The food at the Tramshed was amazing, sharing different starters, having huge steaks and whole chickens we certainly had our Christmas feast!

IMG_9754 IMG_9841



After the Tramshed we continued the festive sprit and danced the night away.

We had a brilliant December celebrating the success of a great year and we look forward to having a great 2015!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year