How often do you go to a meeting and one of your directors is discussing the idea of having a 50ft-high Emo with its head poking out the top floor as it stands tall between two floors and explaining it is because UKTV don’t bury their heads in the sand???

Well in the end they didn’t quite go with the giant Emo but they did use a 4ft-high parrots head, the large letters spelling out Dave and a Knight in shining armour; all iconic symbols of the UKTV brand and now alive in the brand new headquarters for the multi-award winning media company, whose mantra is to ‘Imagine more’.


The doors to UKTV’s inspirational and distinctive new 32,500 sq. ft. facility at the brand new West London development, 10 Hammersmith Grove is now open.

UKTV reach over 42million viewers a month across its eleven brands which include, Dave, Yesterday and Gold. The company is going from strength to strength and is currently the fastest growing commercial broadcaster in Britain growing a record 9.1% in its market.


The meeting rooms are simple and clean with elements bringing in the UKTV personality and quirky names such as ‘The Room Over There’ and ‘The Room with the Big Pink Sofa’.


Set across two floors the space is dominated by the office’s visual centerpiece, a bespoke, ergonomic staircase designed by PENSON and created and manufactured by Aldworth, James & Bond, the designer makers responsible for stunning features used by Nike, Topshop and Mother London. The fluid sweeping steps taper out to a large platform, dotted with seating pads with a great view of the trend watching video wall.


The new terrace is a suntrap that is filled with stylish flower boxes, bright blue patio furniture and bench tables that pass through the glass walls to inside.



With a range of sociable work space areas from the swing seats suspended from the ceiling to the retro orange circular snugs gives you the comfort and luxury of bright breakout areas, allowing you to have a meeting or time to yourself; freedom to work where you like, how you like.





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