For this weeks PENSON’s Pick we took inspiration from pared-back lofts from across the pond, where uber cool and thrifty Brooklynites yet again prove why they’re at the forefront of contemporary interior design scene. Brooklyn modern in a nutshell is an interesting mash up of Scandinavian minimalism, the 1970’s houseplant-haven look and vintage charm. The look is very easy to achieve and since autumn evenings will soon clear our schedules for DIY projects, we though that redecorating your crib might be something up your street.

To bring this look about you’ll need to rely on combination of three tones – white, wood brown and foliage green. All time winning combination is white walls, wooden floorboards and a few dark leafy plants.  To boost natural colours and create a contrast against white walls add in richer brown elements: you cannot go wrong with a vintage-y sofa or brown midcentury sideboard.

If you love the 70’s houseplant revival, kick it up a notch and go for a whole papered wall using a print of leafy plants. Otherwise, a few cushions and a throw or a framed print will inject a dash of 70’s jungle into your home.

While white, wood brown and dark green is a happy trio, you can introduce soft grey or black in artwork for a bolder look. If you’re not a big fan of dark browns or you’re not too keen on spending your last pennies on new flooring, you don’t have to go this road to make this trend work. Lighted woods like pine can also be used. Mix it up with dark greenery and muted pastels along with the classic white and here you have it.












I hope this selection of photos sparked your interest and you’ll give it a try. Let us know how you feel about this trend @pensongroup