Following the Indaba Conference, we’ve had a look at our favourite current tribal trends.

From statement pieces to simple colour palettes, tribal chic can come in all shapes and sizes – it can be as understated as a woven rug, or as out there as a bold wallpaper! One thing’s for sure – Team PENSON are loving it all! It’s the perfect way to bring some warmth into your studio space.


Colour Palette: 

One of the biggest presumptions is that tribal = animal print. It doesn’t! And while we all love a bit of leopard print, tribal chic is all about matching those classic earthy tones, with a bold pop of colour – the orange and mustard are bold accents that work to liven up the scheme.






The rest of your room could be as simple as anything, but a bold statement lampshade can instantly elevate it to ooze tribal chic – as long as you bear in mind in this instance that less is definitely more!  We particularly love the golden tigris tiger lampshade from Love Frankie…

Handmade Tigris Tiger Lampshade With Gold Lining by LOVE FRANKIE | £65 | Not On The Highstreet


Katrina Table Lamp | £100 | M&S


Rugs & Soft Furnishings:

Rugs, pillows, wall hangings, and throws – the perfect way to soften a room, or add a little more personality to a space you’re just not quite sure what to do with! These pieces immediately draw in the eye and set the tone for the entire room. Soft furnishings are particularly great at continuing your colour theme throughout and focusing in on the statement colours you’ve chosen…

Orange and Red 3×5 Rug | £89.00 | Urban Outfitters




Think bigger the better, and out-of-the-ordinary-ornate – that’s precisely the point here – and they’re key to the look. Animal skulls are great and you can get unique faux ones – especially with different paint finishes to look glossy or matte.




Mirrors are great at opening up space and creating an illusion of natural light. We love these examples with their bold frames and unique detailing – particularly H&M’s gold sunburst mirror! They prevent earthy tones from creating an overall ‘dark, small space’ feeling, and the stark metal frames are a great contrast with the highly colourful patterns found in the soft furnishings…



Round Mirror | £34.99 | H&M

With Indaba, Pinterest, and our handy PENSON blog, there’s no end to the inspiration you can take from ‘Tribal Chic’ – it’s definitely a trend worth watching!