One thing that will instantly ruin the atmosphere of any environment – work or home – is clutter. The key to keeping things running smoothly is to have a successful organisation system, which generally translates to storage space.¬†When it comes to storage you pretty much have two choices: keep it hidden or make it a part of the design. Bulky drawers and bookshelves are a thing of the past, there are thousands upon thousands of solutions for effective storage solutions these days – praise the lord of tidiness. Here’s our pick of some of the best storage techniques for you to put in practice around your home or office.


Hidden Bath Storage


Statement Chair Storage


Colourful Retro Filing Cabinet


Soft Storage


Built In Desk Storage


Hidden Jewellery Storage Inside Mirror


Hidden Staircase Storage

If you’re having a real problem with fitting all of your bits and bobs into various nooks and crannies around the house, maybe you should just give in and move in to this place, it’s perfect for you:


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