Somewhere, despite the weather here, it’s spring. If you’re like us, that means you’re already looking for something new to read over summer. Whether you are looking for a perfect coffee table book for those rainy summer nights or a book you could take to the beach – here’s a selection of books that have caught our eye or seem particularly well-fit for PENSON blog readers due to their focus on questions of design, architecture, craftsmanship and urbanism.

CMF design Frame publishers 

The Fundamental Principles of CMF: Colour Material Finish 

Liliana Becerra

A book that focuses on colours, materials, finishes and how they apply to consumer products and goods.

The Office 2

The Other Office 2

FRAME Publishers

The book focuses on interiors that illustrate the current trends in office design and challenges that designers must overcome. It also gives a peek inside the offices of well-known firms and organisations.

A Burglar's guide to the city

A Burglar’s Guide To The City

 Geoff Manaugh

A book that examines the complex connection between architecture and crime.

“Architects tend to think that they’re the only people really concerned about the built environment, but when you read police reports about burglaries or talk to burglars or read FBI reports about bank crimes, they’re discussing architecture in a really unexpected and interesting way,” Mr. Manaugh said in an interview.

The Craftsman

The Craftsman

Richard Sennet

The book explores the work of craftsmen past and present and challenges received ideas about what constitutes good work in today’s world.

St Marks is dead

St Marks Is Dead

Ada Calhoun

A book that describes the log transformation of a legendary East Village street.


Ghetto: The Invention Of A Place, The History Of An Idea

Mitchell Duneier

A book describing the history of the ghetto and how it shaped American ideas about urban poverty.