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Weekend Design Agenda | Serpentine Pavillion

Weekend Design Agenda | Serpentine Pavillion

Summer means another Serpentine Pavillion & this year doesn’t disappoint! This weekend you must get to see the iconic annual structure & tonight’s Park Night performance at 8pm by Shen Xin which promises to delve into the emotional states that are caused by socio-political structures. Instead of usually hitting the pub, head along to tonight’s...
PENSON'S Picks: Sofas

PENSON’S Picks: Sofas

This week’s PENSON’s Pick is sofas. Now, we could have just put in some comfy looking or vibrant looking or weird looking sofas we’d found online, but instead we decided to be a little bit more trendy. The current trend in the world of sofas is length: the longer the better, like eyelashes and sausage...
PENSON's Picks: Flooring

PENSON’s Picks: Flooring

In the world we live in we’re constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to make a space stand out – statement furniture, intricate wall patterns and quirky light fixtures are now the norm in most households across the country. But what happens when playing around with wallpaper and sofas is no longer enough...