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PENSON's Pick: Home library

PENSON’s Pick: Home library

You’ve started wearing your thick pyjamas with long sleeves. You go to work in the pitch black, you come home in the pitch black. Every borough has a Christmas market; and 10 degrees is considered a heat wave ….  It’s official – Wintertime is here. I greet December with mixed emotions: firstly sad about how horrible and grey...
5 Great Interior Design Books

5 Great Interior Design Books

One of our favourite things about the interior design industry is the levels of interest and passion that it’s inhabitants possess for their jobs. You’ll rarely find an interior designer who isn’t inspired by new designs from other interior designers. It’s an industry of sharing and supporting, and we thought we’d spread that love a...
PENSON's Pick: Loft Conversions

PENSON’s Pick: Loft Conversions

I remember learning from a young age that if somebody had a loft conversion they were admired by all. I would hear my parents whispering in the kitchen about Tracey and Jack from the down the road and how they’d had various builders and decorators in and out for the last two weeks. Maybe they were getting a...