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Chance Encounters & Biscuit Debates. What's your Workspace doing for you?

Chance Encounters & Biscuit Debates. What’s your Workspace doing for you?

Let’s face it, we don’t chat enough. We’re all guilty of it. You hop on the tube or train home, face-down in your phone trying to seek solitude whilst avoiding eye contact… Sound familiar? Thanks to #nationalconversationweek last week, it got us chatting (ha!) here at PENSON HQ about the fact that all of us – you...
Walls or no walls?

Walls or no walls?

We are big fans of open plan offices, so much so that most of our projects aim to break up walls and create flexible spaces without barriers. Crumbling those pesky cubicles lead to better communication, encourage collaboration and improve speed of work. It’s no surprise that more and more modern agencies are embracing this open-office...