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PENSON's Super Social

PENSON’s Super Social

Yesterday PENSON ventured out of London to get some fresh air in the form of a boat trip to restore our creative minds (or to forget them, thanks to champagne!) This was a boat trip like no other. We headed down south to the English coast and hopped on a fancy boat in Southampton to spend the...
The Best Humble Celebrity Homes

The Best Humble Celebrity Homes

In the year 2000 MTV answered all of our prayers when they aired the first ever episode of Cribs and allowed us to sneak a peek behind the front doors of our favourite celebrities in a way unlike any other for the first time in history. Through the years we’ve seen beds made from Ferraris,...
PENSON's Picks: Kitchens

PENSON’s Picks: Kitchens

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and if anything’s worth really looking after it’s your heart. Take a look at these amazing kitchen designs and start thinking about how you’re going to give your heart a little pampering. If you liked this post feel free to follow us on Pinterest, where...