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PENSON's Pick | The Rise of The Shelfie

PENSON’s Pick | The Rise of The Shelfie

2018 brought with it many great things, and amongst those; ‘The Shelfie’. The Shelfie you say? What was born out of an ironic hashtag (and considerably better than the ‘belfie’), ‘The Shelfie’ has become a strong movement among interior obsessives, and Pinterest lovers alike…It involves taking the perfect shot of your prized-shelf (obviously the clue is in...
PENSON's Picks: Chairs

PENSON’s Picks: Chairs

The dictionary definition for chair is “a separate seat for one person, typically with a back and four legs.” Thanks to some inspiring design developments and a selection of talented people thinking outside the box, there is now nothing typical about the chair – a back and four legs is becoming a necessity of the past....