Wading our way through the world of design isn’t easy. PENSON’s work is a bi-product of never-ending research and heated discussions over a cupa. All those hours spent doing research, tweaking architectural drawings, perfecting mood boards, completing renders, selecting samples and writing reports often stay behind closed doors, so do the individuals who make it all happen. A lot of our ‘work’ gets done on our spare time: reading books, flicking through magazines, visiting exhibitions and trade shows, going to gigs, pinteresting – we draw inspiration from everyday life and try to translate it into our designs.

To give you a better understanding of the people behind Del Boy’s living room in the Youtube HQ and a green velvet room at Google HQ, we decided to down our tools for a moment and throw our doors wide open: every now and again we’ll be introducing you to one PENSONite, where they will share their weekend game plan with you.

Without further ado, I present our senior interior designer Jasmina. She’s an outdoorsy chick with a keen interest in boardsports and climbing. When she’s not trying to break her neck, you can find her in a garden shed working on ambitious DIY  projects. Jas is also a proud owner of a Portuguese pup Sherox who has his own Facebook page.

 Look at this 

Looking forward to catching a talk by Krzyszstof Wodiczkoon on the 1st of July. He’s an artist famous for using a large-scale slide and video projections of politically charged images on architectural façades and monuments.kw_hiroshima_projection

Read this 

Pretentiousness, Why It Matters by Dan Fox

I was drawn to this book by the line on the cover which argued that pretension, or pretending to something else, is what allows us to shake off complacency and move beyond the status quo. A nimble and thought-provoking book.


Eat this 

Persian Jeweled Rice

I made this gorgeously looking golden, buttery, spicy and nutty rice

See this 

I’ve only seen good cartoons recently. Good Dinosaur, Little Prince and Inside Out just to name a few.

I’m seeing a lot of climbing documentaries because my partner is obsessed with climbing in the wild. This one was quite good and shot in Yosemite (warning: it might make you want to take up extreme sports!)

Valley Uprising (2014)

Drink this 

Dirty Laundry cocktail in the 80s style Chinese Laundry restaurant in Angel (pairs fantastically with popcorn chicken)

Watch this

The Wachowsky’s Sense8 on Netflix, beautiful show. 


 Listen to this

Discovered these hypnotizing Tuareg rockers on the radio driving in Lanzarote: Tinariwen & Tamikrest

 Do this

Workshop on how to let the loopy-loo out – something playful and different!