girl swinging in a pink room with yellow bananas printed on the walls

JO&JOE, Paris Gentilly

9 different artists

Gentilly, France
Interior Design, Brand Experience
74,000 SQ. FT.
A brightly & colourfully lit circular bar at night with brightly coloured walls & lighting

The second offering from our JO&JOE portfolio, JO&JOE Gentilly sits just outside central Paris and is the first BBCA low-carbon hotel in France. JO&JOE is the game-changing Open House experience in travel from PENSON & Accor Group. It’s a mind-setter, life-enhancer and journey-maker where the interiors are shaped by the guests to generate their story, their vibe and their experience.

A brightly lit area with tables, chairs and an open mic stage
iconOpen House: The Restaurant & Stage

Championing creativity

Bespoke artwork from 9 local and international artists

Black and white logo of JO&JOE set against a black and white graffiti'd wall
iconBespoke art

PENSON bring new energy and super-slick reinvention to the world of hospitality. This, and being renowned for creating game-changing brands that generate huge customer experience, we co-created JO&JOE and its ethos, values, customer experience and interior design as a new model. JO&JOE embraces a liberated and rebellious approach to hospitality interiors to deliver new emotions for its guests, as well as enabling the required benefits on operational, practicable and investor levels.

At the Open House of Paris Gentilly, street art is everywhere thanks to the work of 9 local and international artists who have covered the walls, floor, bar...and just about everything else with their creations. Artwork at JO&JOE is inherently part of its unique design story and we commissioned the artwork to portray JO&JOE’s character.

The design concept for JO&JOE Gentilly was born from Gentilly’s historical connection to gold coin minting. The artwork explores this design concept and local connection, making the art unique to JO&JOE. It’s an open exhibition space – a gathering of the best creativity in one place.

Beer wall illuminated with arty multicoloured walls & ceiling
iconSelf Service Beer Wall

'Gentilly’s key location creates a special place to be, stay, play, rest, meet, eat, work or any other form of enjoyable activity amongst like-minded people that bring you closer together. JO&JOE fits around you and not the other way around.'

Lee Penson CEO, PENSON
Toilets covered in artwork of cartoon-like old ladys in swimwear drinking on the beach
iconThe Toilets
A painted mural on an internal wall of red hands together shaped like a tulip flower
iconCo-working space
A night external image of the JO&JOE Gentilly building showing a modern yellow/gold facade
iconJO&JOE Gentilly, Avenue Paul Vaillant Couturier