sky scrapers with candy crush projected onto the front glass facade

King HQ

Making workspaces sweet

Interior Design, Architecture
Gaming Technology
98,785 SQ. FT.
King reception with orange and white striped floors & walls - with colourful furniture

Creator of Candy Crush Saga App, King needed its headquarters’ to globally showcase its brand and reflect its huge success. We married our “outside the box” thinking with innovative design to create a real “kick” for this sugar-high client.

Global Headquarters

Locations in London, Berlin, Barcelona & Bucharest

blue flooring and pink ceiling in a kitchen tea point, with orange and white furniture
iconKing Kitchen
two people playing ping pong in a breakout space
iconsocial area

We’ve created an interior design schedule that can be rolled out across all future King projects, tying their sites together globally in both architecture and atmosphere. Each location boasts a reception design that will evoke the same sense of arrival regardless of what country you happen to be in. These projects have not only been instrumental in building King’s internal brand and their sense of connection to their company, but also in providing them with a design framework that they can spread out across all future office spaces with ease – no matter the size, the country or the budget.