Let’s face it, we don’t chat enough. We’re all guilty of it. You hop on the tube or train home, face-down in your phone trying to seek solitude whilst avoiding eye contact… Sound familiar?

Thanks to #nationalconversationweek last week, it got us chatting (ha!) here at PENSON HQ about the fact that all of us – you – me – don’t chat enough. Even at work where most of our daily conversation should happen.

The depressing fact is that we spend 30 – 40% of our life at work, all the while wishing our time was spent in restaurants and bars, relaxing and chatting. But why can’t you have the same things at work?

Your workspace should be a facilitator. It should work hard for you so you can get on with your work/life balance. You should be able to get away from the screens and be able to chat more than just the average water-cooler catch-up (SO last decade). Chance encounters are everything.

PENSON make work your home from home. Sure, no one appreciates a lounge area when you’re used to quiet working, or spaces for the sake of spaces, but, think bigger… your space should be dynamic and offer variety. It needs to evolve and adapt to what you need. It should be fun!

It’s super simple, you don’t need a ton of money or even need to move to accommodate more space. You just need an open mind.

Here are our tips to get more out of your workspace…


Exude Coolness

There’s no point putting a sofa in if it’s upright and uncomfortable. Make people want to sit there. Make it cool. Not all work has to be done at a desk.

© PENSON | RocNation

© PENSON | RocNation HQ | Reception


© PENSON | Undisclosed Client | Games Room / Club Lounge

© PENSON | Undisclosed Client | Club Lounge


© PENSON | Undisclosed Client | Games' House

© PENSON | Undisclosed Client | Games’ House


Ready to Transform

Make it flexible, reconfigurable and super slick.


© PENSON | Sports Direct HQ | Reconfigurable Studio / Events / Catwalk / Boardroom & Restaurant


© PENSON | Sports Direct HQ

© PENSON | Sports Direct HQ | Bespoke collaboration sofa


All in One

One space does it all = one community.


© PENSON | GOSH DRIVE | Events / Cinema / Interactive Presentation area





Connect + Join

Add in a cool staircase so different departments can get to know one another away from the lift.


© PENSON | SEI | Bespoke Steel Staircase



© PENSON | SEI | Art always gets people talking


Get Baking

At UKTV we introduced ‘home baking’ – loads of ovens for everyone to use. What could be more homely than being greeted with the smell of freshly baked goodies?


© PENSON | UKTV HQ | ‘Under the Stairs’



© PENSON | UKTV HQ | Lounge


No Reception

More welcoming, easy-going & increases the flow of people into the space.

© PENSON | Expedia HQ

© PENSON | Expedia HQ | Collaboration


© PENSON | Expedia HQ

© PENSON | Expedia HQ | Welcome


A Sweet Tooth

Grab some cola bottles to get you through the last hour of the day. Make the furniture have character.

© PENSON | Octopus HQ

© PENSON | Octopus HQ | Social Kitchen


© PENSON | Octopus HQ

© PENSON | Octopus HQ | Lounge


Make it all about You….Tube

All about the absurd, the quirky and the comfort.

© PENSON | YouTube HQ | Only Fools & Horses Lounge

© PENSON | YouTube HQ | Only Fools & Horses Living Room


© PENSON | YouTube HQ

© PENSON | YouTube HQ | Workspace


“You will always find me in the kitchen at parties”

The kitchen is always the epicentre of any gathering so make sure it isn’t hidden away.

© PENSON | CoWork

© PENSON | CoWork Soho | Social Kitchen


Mix up your spaces, make it unique, make it personal, make it unconventional, make it sociable and you’ll never miss out on the hotly contested biscuit debates, new music comparisons and highly recommended shows to watch on a Sunday night – not to mention all the other positives from being better-connected with your colleagues – like positive work satisfaction and mental wellbeing.

If you want to change up your workspace then get in touch.