What we do

seating area with cinema-style screen featuring GOSH DRIVE logo

Interior Design

For PENSON, it’s not about the Interior Design. It’s finding the human moment, within a space, that resonates. In short, we design for people, not spaces.

An illuminated aerial view off the wing of a plane of The Hut Group Campus in Manchester


PENSON don’t fit in to the world of Architecture – our CEO says that most of the time he’s in a room with Architects, he feels like he shouldn’t be there.

Sports Direct bar area dimly lit with colourful lights and tables with champagne


PENSON realised what workspace was all about when Ralf Speth’s daughter stopped working for her father’s company, Jaguar Land Rover.

A brightly & colourfully lit circular bar at night with brightly coloured walls & lighting

Brand Experience

At PENSON it’s about being experiential agency in London - creating unforgettable experience design



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