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Inspiration | A Modern Halloween Interior

By Sarah Bean

three pumpkins painted glossy black with yellow symmetrical dots painted on

At PENSON there's nothing we love better than an occasion to change-up or decorate our interiors - Halloween is no exception!


Here, we select the inspiration for Modern Halloween Interiors that our designers are coveting right now. If you're having a last-minute Halloween party or simply want to get in on the autumnal vibe then these easy options are the way to go. Forever the minimalist, our team have chosen these to be understated - we can't emphasise enough in our daily work that the majority of the time, less is more. 

The dining experience - it's all about the charcoals and midnight blues

A range of blue dinner plates set out on a black table with gold cutlery
iconImage ©West Elm - Constellation Salad Plate
A close up of black candle sticks and green ferns set against a black setting
iconImage ©Coco Kelley
A modern dining room with Halloween decorations and candles set on a table
iconImage ©Andee Layne
A white marble effect floor with a range of tall candle sticks arranged with some mini gold painted pumpkins
iconImage ©Just Bespoke & photography by Roberta Facchini

Accessories - think white and muted contrasting tones

A white tiled kitchen area with dark wood shelving and crockery with a cake with 'Boo' candle sparklers
iconImage ©Garvin and Co
A close up of a white table with candle decorations and mini gold pumpkins
iconImage ©Just Bespoke & photography by Roberta Facchini

The decorations - black and white - everywhere! 

Black and white dangling hanging awnings in an open space with a
iconImage ©Martha Stewart
Black and white painted pumpkins with words written on them
iconImage ©thebeautydojo

The party pieces - pops of colour and gold accents

Pink painted small pumpkins alongside white painted small pumpkins with black ink painted on them making out eyes
iconImage ©The Proper Blog / Lexy Ward
Black and white iced Halloween treats on a white table top with mini black, white and gold pumpkins and accessories
iconImage ©Just Bespoke & photography by Roberta Facchini