uktv logo sign between two red circle sofas

Since we’ve already designed Del Boy’s living room for YouTube, we figured it would only be right for us to design Dave’s for UKTV as well.


We have recently been appointed amidst competition from leading European designers to design the new headquarters for UKTV, the broadcasting giants behind TV channels such as Dave, Gold and Really.

The company are upping sticks and moving 250 of their staff into a new 32,500 sq. ft. eco-friendly office in the heart of Hammersmith – one of the first in London to be entirely lit by LED lights and powered by solar panels. We’re planning on injecting a little extra happiness into their workplace, and we’re going to ensure that our design allows all UKTV employees to have the freedom to work creatively and collaboratively, as well as adding a cafe-bar, outdoor terrace, studio facilities and a screening room to the three floor development.

UKTV’s slogan is “Imagine More,” a mantra we share and have kept with us throughout all stages of the design process as we’ve worked on bringing their dreams of an inspirational, distinctive and innovative office to life. The estimated finishing date for this project is July, so check back here in five months if you want to see exactly what we did to achieve those goals.