PENSON's Pick | 2019 Review in Images

By Sarah Bean

A wacky art installation with multiple colourations

A lot of our ‘work’ at PENSON gets done through everyday life - reading books, flicking through magazines, visiting exhibitions and trade shows, going to gigs, pinteresting – we draw inspiration from all parts of life.


To kick off 2020 the design team have taken a look back at the concept images that topped their year in 2019.


More abstract than anything else, these images are the basis of our inspirations and aspirations for the projects we're working on. The ideas they prompt thread into the design language of the projects themselves and become a focal point. 


I was struck by how impressive these formations are. They're beautifully made, textured and with amazingly balanced colours. The artist does incredible stuff.

A 3D digital artwork image with pink sand in a mountain shape with a green perspex disc sat on top
icon©Ali Sahba
A 3D digital artwork image with purple sand in a mountain shape with a purple metal ring sat on top
icon©Ali Sahba


I like the juxtaposition…the adage of old vs. new, traditional art/interior vs. more contemporary/vibrant…there’s something timeless but also very modern at the same time about this image. The viewer has no idea what it could be.

A interior palace setting with a bright modern circus-like pod sat in the middle of the room
icon©Courtesy Photo for Milan Design Week with Alcantara


This is truly immersive. I would love this to be in any space I design because the possibilities of artful projections are endless.


An immersive art gallery with millions of tiny flowers projected
icon©TeamLab / Pace Gallery


I just want to explore the spaces in these images - they look so fun and they invite you in. Who doesn't want to be a future artist? I'm imagining an alternative version of reality once you step inside...


A pink neon room with a small pod like structure with the neon words 'we create future artists here' written above
icon©Wang Xin - Every Artist Should Have A Solo Show
A wild pool with a large circular pink and white striped float on top with people bathing and swimming from it
icon©La Concha Beach Club by Slim Aarons


This was from the first project book I worked on after starting at PENSON, and I felt it completely encapsulated the spirit of PENSON – fun, a bit crazy, and totally different. Anyone want to join me in jumping on this mass of cushion-y yellow?

A giant yellow cushion-like structure with people jumping on it
icon©Jeffrey Shaw

Top image:  ©THIBAUT VOISIN for Galeries Lafayette