Secret Scoop | Our Loops Chair Inspiration

By Sarah Bean

thousands of hanging flowers creating a curtain in a room

The inspiration behind our Loops chair collaboration with Mark Product is starting to emerge from our London Studio. A selected design team at PENSON are reinterpreting Mark Products’ classic Loops Chair to celebrate Mark Product & Clerkenwell Design Week‘s 10th birthdays. You can read about our involvement with the cool project here.

After some serious deliberation over biscuits and tea (essential design fuel), the team started pulling ideas & inspiration together on how we could design something utterly unique whilst also remaining entirely true to PENSON’s character. Thankfully this comes naturally to the PENSON design team – no matter what we’re creating, the design story is the same whether we’re designing a space, a brand story or a piece of furniture or art.

With that said, we got to work creating our mood and inspiration for the design competition. We’ve chosen to share a snapshot here of the main threads and colours that tie our inspiration together. Taking inspiration from the beauty of nature and Alexander McQueen, this mood board reflects our design thinking for the competition.

penson concept board featuring frosted flowers and runway fashion looks
iconPENSON Concept Mood Board