Earlier this month our boss Lee took a weekend trip to New York for a meeting about an exciting upcoming project. We can’t tell you too much about it yet, but we can say there’s a good chance PENSON are going to be spending next year designing every floor in one of the tallest buildings in NYC. Just keep it on the down low for now, okay?

Lee indulged in a spot of Christmas shopping during his time in the city and when he got back to London his ranting and raving about how lovely the people are and how beautiful everything is not only made me break into jealousy sweats, but also inspired me to write a blog post featuring all the best parts of New York, and where else would you find the best pictures of New York than Instagram? So here are some of the best views of the big apple I found through the lenses of strangers’ iPhones, why not search the tags yourself and see what you can find too:

@johndeguzman - Urban Butterfly, New York City










Also, thanks to Virgin Airways air miles Lee was able to upgrade his flight to business class with no hassle at all, and even got to spy on Nicole Kidman in the first class lounge while he was waiting for his flight home. He described her as “very serious with a real presence” – so now we finally know.