bunch of filament bulbs

A statement light fixture can do more for a room than any other eye catching addition, and has the ability to transform a low budget decor into a high end design. Many people choose to go for the “bigger is better” approach when it comes to lighting, and often that results in a space becoming overcrowded by the likes of a garish chandelier. It’s become a trademark of ours at PENSON to avoid boring light fixtures like the plague, so we feel like we’re some of the best people to talk about the right way to go when it comes to brightening up a room – literally.


Here are some of our favourite interesting, inspiring, intricate, impressive – but still simple and elegant – light fixtures:

bamboo light fixtures
modern light fitting in a black room
industrial light fitting

However, we understand that sometimes elegant just isn’t what you’re going for. Sometimes you want something a little goofy to express some personality without turning your bedroom into a fun house, and table lamps are a great way to do that. Brighten up your desk or your bedside with one of these unique designs:

metal pendant globe light fittings
pendant light fittings
hanging lights on a wooden beam

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