What is the most dramatic thing that has happened in your office?  Shenanigans on the Christmas party? That team lunch when Ben spilt hot sauce on his shirt? Hell, here at the PENSON office we once even ran out of tea and milk, at the same time!

In the movies, though, offices tend to be a tad more interesting. They can be sites where cyborgs from the future make an appearance, or stages for workaday psychopaths – or they can be places where your passion for fashion is discovered.  What they never are is boring – so let’s run through some of the most memorable offices we’ve seen on screens.

Devil Wears Prada

A naive journalism graduate Andrea is hired to work as the second assistant of the powerful and sophisticated Miranda Priestly, who is widely believed to be inspired by American Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Ms Priestly’s office is defined by modern clean lines and organised with almost an OCD-like attention to detail. The look is softened with artwork in monochrome and fresh flowers.

devil wear prada_1


Hannibal Lecter used his office for both psychiatric sessions and killing. Hannibal had a keen eye for design so it comes as no surprise that he had a sophisticated office with a mix of antiques and modern pieces. Designed by production designer Patti Podesta this space oozes elegance and features an original Leif Jacobsen’s desk purchased in Toronto, where Hannibal was filmed.




The Intern

An office that will hopefully inspire your next renovation project. The movie captures trendy Brooklyn style of an e-commerce entrepreneur both at home and at work. Anne Hathaway’s start-up was created in an old factory in the Brox that once printed currency. The office features an open plan space with glass-walled conference rooms and lounge areas where contract and upcycled  furniture co-exist nicely.

the intern_1

the intern_2

the intern_3

The Internship

Contrary to popular belief, the movie was not filmed at Google’s HQ in California. Most of it was shot on the Atlanta campus of the Georgia Institue of Technology, where the film crew turned a shiny new student commons building into a replica of Google’s HQ.

the internship_1


Mad Men

This list wouldn’t be complete without the iconic Mad Men  created with almost fetishistic attention to detail. It’s an eye-candy for all mid-century furniture fans as production director Dan Bishop commitment to capture the real spirit of the era resulted in a very authentic set.

mad men_11

mad men_7

mad men 12

mad men 9jpeg

Men In Black

Production designer Bo Welch, who also worked on Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, designed the M.I.B. HQ with 1960s tone  in mind. In this avant-garde office minimal, clean lines create a perfect backdrop for design classics such as Arne Jacobsen’s egg chair and glossy tower chairs by the Eames.

men in black_6

men in black_8