It’s been hailed the most colourful Notting Hill Carnival yet. If anyone went along to last weekend’s famed event then you will have witnessed a great foray of colour for sure. PENSON got thinking – colour is the simplest tool that you can use to brighten any mood. It so easily translates into interiors & accessories. So what better reason to have your own carnival in your space? Infuse your office or home with all things colour! Carnival interiors are all about more being definitely more. BUT – make sure you get the balance right – there still needs to be enough calmness so everyone has the right head space for working or relaxing. But be sure to get rid of all the grey! What’s the point in not enjoying a space if it’s boring? In true PENSON style, we say life is simply too short to spend time in a dull space.
Whilst we recommend you don’t turn your space into a complete festival of colour, there are certainly some adjustments you can make to give a pop of colour here and there. Remember that citrus yellow works well in light and airy spaces.
Here, we share our tips for an inspirational space full of colour. Get rid of the clinical feel of your space by painting sections in bright pops of colour.

For PENSON’s project with Co-Work we added simple angled pops of bright colours to energise the whiter areas of the office:


© PENSON - CoWork


Our project with UKTV just meant adding pops of yellow on walls. It completely changes the light in the space:



The Jungalow is the perfect inspiration for a tropical themed office:


Chairs/furniture. The key here is to have unique, one off pieces.

PENSON’s project for Octopus Investments was simply sleek but we added the Moroso Shadowy Armchair to add a spark of crazy:



Jazz up your kitchen area with some bright tiles & some cool crockery and glasses. Get rid of all the unmatching mugs and make lunchtimes look like a party spread! Office or home, it’s so effective.


Rugs – if you have a clinical office then a rug is the perfect way to inject colour:


Accessories – cushions & throws are a welcome entrance to guests at receptions. If you added even a few, the effect is transformative:


The simplest of accessories can also add the perfect vibe to any space, like these cactus vases from Serax:


If you need some inspiration then this weekend is the We are Urban Village Sample pop-up market where you can peruse all the unique fabrics, prints & homewares you like. Runs from 2nd to the 3rd of Septemeber at Greenwich Peninsular.

Grab some perfect plants with expert advice on offer:

And just remember….don’t be afraid of colour! It will be a saviour on that tough Monday morning when you need something to catch your eye and spark inspiration.