You had a chance to meet PENSON’s official mascot Regina Phalange last year when we moved to our brand new studio by Tower Bridge. She still proudly guards our studio and enjoys every bit of attention from us and visitors.

PENSON team doesn’t do things in halves, so this year we decorated Regina with Christmas lights. Sadly, the festive season is over and we had to take the lights down… But fear not Regina! Our team will always find a pair of cute slippers or a funny hat to give you a subtile makeover.


Regina’s slippers

We’re having so much fun changing Regina’s image that this week I got inspired to look into mannequins as a décor element.


Mannequin heads in Roc Nations offices in London by PENSON


Mannequin head in Roc Nation offices in London

It’s no secret that mannequins and dummy dolls are used in retail outlets to present, promote and sell products. Their immobile nature often aids tailors and designers, especially in situations when having a living model is not possible.

Functionality aside,  we love this beautifully sculpted imitation of the human form. Some are lucky to possess well-worn vintage dummies, that sometimes are very hard to come by and quite expensive to purchase. Others have sourced modern pieces that are more affordable, but still have a wonderful ‘’chicness’’ about them that can enhance any home or office. For the fun-loving, lively and playful – have a look at our selection of pictures that will inspire you to get your own Regina!




Sukha Amsterdam