We haven’t posted in a while for all you design fiends, so what better theme to kick back off on than the artistry that is neon lights. What else seamlessly combines art with ambience & atmosphere creation?

Spring still hasn’t yet reached us here in London which means that lighting in the early evenings is essential to sip your cup of tea by. The possibilities are endless and the creations are amongst the most imaginative that lighting can offer. Plus, most new Neon lighting today uses a lot less energy, making it more sustainable.

Mix it up – have the brighter lights as the floor & wall lamps and decorate your walls and ceilings with neon lighting. Office spaces can be transformed through the addition of artistic neon lights – the modern answer to those old tube map posters you have hanging up around the office. Get rid of the strip lighting and bring the soft neon in!

Our favourites:

Neon Lighting

Artwork & Lighting is combined


Neon Lighting

Messages via lighting? Count us in


Neon Lighting

Night light


Neon Lighting

Alternatives to the conventional ceiling light


Neon Lighting

Did someone say unconventional table lamp?

To do:

God’s Own Junkyard is still the perfect hidden gem in London for neon lighting. A place where the bright and beautiful come together; GOJY features collections from new, used and reclaimed signs, neons, props and displays. It’s legendary status still resonates with every designer in London – the place where “neon never dies”. You have to make a visit, it’s a spectacle enough just to be there.

Providing gas free neon lights – Bag and Bones are the place to buy environmentally sustainable neon lighting that still looks as beautiful as traditional glass neon. Their sleek designs are featured across multiple platforms as well as their own website. They also provide a hire service for parties & special events, saving money and time.