You might have had your archetypal English country cottage holiday, you might have stayed off-grid in some remote villa in Mediterranean or you could still be putting finishes touches on your trip itinerary – which ever the case may be, one thing is certain – all of us need to escape sanity for a couple of days once in a while.

Now when it comes down to holiday living, I’ve got a sweet spot for beach houses. These structures speak of the ultimate luxury – the luxury of stillness and more time, and rare pleasures of direct connection with nature. Something that comes along with only the most special summer houses is the amazing view. Setting yourself down next to a window with a magnificent view is one of the most humbling experiences (“a room with a view” isn’t a saying for nothing). While I am far from social exclusivity and ability to afford it, one can always dream, so for PENSON’s Pick today we survey a whole bunch of inspiring contemporary beach houses. Take a look at some of nicest ones I’ve discovered lately and tweet us @pensongroup the ones worth sharing!

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Buildings featured in this entry: Arborg House, Casa Mo, Foros Yacht House, House of Infinite and Pearl Bay Residence