The sun is peeking through heavy clouds a little more often in London and we cannot help but feel like the spring is finally trying to make a comeback. While it’s true that we’re far from the joys of outdoor barbeques and roaming city streets on skateboards without getting soaked, there must be a thing or two we can do to perk up our mood in anticipation of proper spring. Since mother nature isn’t spoiling us with great weather and blossoms, we decided to look into getting some luscious greens into our office.

Plants can transform spaces. They bring a sense of peace, vibrancy and colours. It all sounds lovely unless… you’re terrible with plants. In this case, your improved space might quickly turn into a depressing chamber of death. To prevent this scenario, we wasted no time and popped into our local flower shop for some advice. We’ve learned that whether you want to cheer up your sad work desk or bring life into central social areas, there’s hope for everyone, even those with the brownest of thumbs. We’ve got some great tips on how to select and care for office plants, so look no further. For this week’s PENSON’s Pick, we are talking plants.

Plants are usually divided into full sun, partial sun or shade plants. You can roughly translate those terms into placement relative to a window. Plants that require direct sunlight do best right next to a window, partial sun plants can survive further from a window or by a window with weak sun exposure and shade plants do well even exposed to artificial lighting. And this is where it gets tricky: indoor lighting is highly variable. The number of bulbs, the distance from fixtures alter the quality of light your plant will receive. Some offices leave lights on at night for security reasons – make sure to water your plant more frequently if your office is this way, as you’re essentially leaving your plant working 24/7.

Once you figured out what kind of plant you will need, hit up your local flower shop and explain what you’re looking for. We found that gardeners and florists are very passionate folks so don’t be shy to ask for advice. After all, you need to find the right plant to thrive in your office. Here are a few we will be debating about:







Jade Plant




Snake Plant



Fiddle Leaf Fig

fiddle leaf fig

Umbrella Plant


Rubber Tree


Zee Zee Plant