Lee Penson guest features on the Spacecraft Podcast

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Kicking the year off with PENSON CEO + Founder Lee guest featuring on the Spacecraft Podcast. Lee chats to Dan Moscrop about what makes PENSON projects so different from the norm, some exciting upcoming projects for 2022 and talks in more detail about PENSON's global expansion. Lee also gives some words of advice to people starting out in the industry.







The Spacecraft Podcast series reviews and examines how well-designed workspaces can be transformative, not just for day-to-day working, but for businesses as a whole. Dan Moscrop, Founder and CEO of Them Design speaks with leading businesses to see how design has impacted their workspaces. We interview the directors of co-working organisations that are leading the charge on how office spaces should be created, and the architects behind some of the most innovative office environments you'll see.




I had the pleasure of meeting Lee at the Virtual Interiors Event during a talk we did together. This is one of our longer recordings as Lee is so engaging I struggled to cut much of it out.


Lee founded & continues to lead globally renowned Architecture & Interior Design studio PENSON, is a regular global keynote inspirational speaker covering business & workplace change & is engaged as global Programme Director to deliver business-wide culture & workplace enhancements for some of the world's largest & high-profile brands & entrepreneurs.


PENSON has gone from strength to strength, working with some incredible brands, but what impresses me most about their work is their ability to get big ideas signed off — those brave creative statements many of us designers start with at the beginning of the project that eventually gets worn down to a shadow of their former self. PENSON have the rare gift of being able to get their clients on-side to create unexpected solutions. All of which are underpinned by a solid sustainable approach and delivered at breakneck speed.


As they say at PENSON "Life is too short to waste time in dull or inefficient spaces. We're the global disrupters in Architecture & Interiors."