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If you haven’t lived under a rock all your life you must have heard of The Rolling Stones. Even if you are not a fan of their music or can’t actually name a song of theirs, you should most certainly recognise their band members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, or Ronnie Wood. It’s one of the most successful rock bands in history and they have definitely left a mark on the music industry. They also made a huge impact on the social climate of life. Their spread has gone well into arts, design, fashion & film. Thanks to The Saatchi Gallery we can now get an insight into how this band used to live, play and party.

The Rolling Stones exhibition pays a tribute to this legendary band and features band’s instruments, tour posters, album covers, clothes, assorted memorabilia and four whole rooms recreating the squalor of their Swinging Sixties bachelor pad. These particular rooms complete with unmade beds, unwashed dishes, cigarettes stubbed out in a half-eaten plate of food, a filthy gas cooker and shockingly realistic mould on the walls look uninviting, to say the least. While we strongly don’t recommend replicating this look, there’s a thing or two we can learn about creating bohemian atmosphere. As the new highly anticipated Rolling Stones exhibition opens, we bring some inspiration to help you find your pulse and infuse your office with personality. For this week’s PENSON’s Pick, we are sharing tips and tricks for interiors with a difference.

1. Avoid Uniformity

If you have two of anything, make one glam and one boho.

2. Be Bold With Walls

Dark wall is the perfect backdrop for that glamorous Rock’n’roll vibe. If you don’t want to paint it one strong colour, look into statement wallpaper.


3. Steal Some Moroccan Style

Combine wicked and sheepskin, mix in tribal prints, use an ottoman or two to complete the room.

4. Get A Drinks Trolley

Because nothing encapsulates 60’s more than a drinks trolley styled up with a cocktail shaker, elegant glasses in jewel colours and a few beautifully designed spirit bottles.


5. Props, Art & Collections

Add instruments, amps, microphones, record players, headphones and everything music related on display. If you’re not a musician, treat it like a styling exercise; look for bargains on ebay and try to recreate a music studio. Alternatively, display your book or record collection. It will both give your space personality and become a great conversation starter.




6. Neon Signs

Neon signs are associated with nightlife and letting your hair down. Incorporate it in your interiors as a statement piece.


7. Make Room For Plants

Go green and select plants with large leaves such as philodendron to make a big bold statement


8. Steal Some Classics

Who doesn’t love a classic! Use the room’s original features such as wooden floors, fireplace, and windows as a canvas for adding restored furniture, antique sofas and antique dining chairs for a beautiful classic finish to your room.


French _Provence _Dining _Chairs