Last week the PENSON team dropped in on Scandinavian Business Seating for an evening of Sake and Sushi making. The team got stuck in (quite literally) with the layering and rolling of their favourite Sushi combinations. Alongside sampling all the delights they made, they also took a look at office ergonomics with the seating that Scandinavian Business Seating have on offer. The team were reminded that it’s not only good to eat healthily in the office but to sit comfortably too. Below are a couple of things that PENSONites learnt about Seating and Sushi.

Top tips for comfortable seating:

A chair that moves with you

A height adjustable chair

A good amount of cushioning helps

An easily seated to standing height chair – for increased movement

A lightweight chair

Scandinavian Business Seating

Scandinavian Business Seating

Top tips for Sushi making:

If you can’t roll then you’ll go hungry!

Make sure your knife & hands are wet to get to grips with the rice

Be liberal with your rice otherwise it won’t roll and it will collapse

Drink lots of Sake! Especially if it’s in cocktail form…


Sake and Sushi


Sake and Sushi

Sake and Sushi