Yesterday was a day we’ve been looking forward to for a while here at PENSON – the day that the lovely people at Forbo had invited us to go speedboating down the Thames and then for a slap up meal next to the river. Here’s a round up of the day for anybody else who might be interested in giving the London RIB Voyages a go (not just to brag, I swear).

We started our afternoon on the hottest day of the year by escaping the office early and heading to Blackfriars Millennium Pier to board RIB boats and head out onto the water. Each boat is fronted by a tour guide, all of which are also comedians on the side, who talk you through the sites lining the riverbank at Blackfriars, London Bridge and Tower Bridge and provide entertaining anecdotes and surprising facts about some of the things that we see everyday and never pay attention to (did you know a guy once jumped over Tower Bridge as it opened whilst driving a double decker bus? And no, it wasn’t these guys).

Once we’d got to a certain point in the river – basically past the giant collection of police boats hanging out on our left hand side – we were free to kick up the speed and were taken for a spin at around 40mph whilst the driver blasted such classics as ‘Don’t Rock The Boat’, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and, everybody’s favourite, the James Bond theme tune. In total the ride took around half an hour and, after being thrown around, bounced up and down and sprayed with the diseased water of the Thames, at the end of the half hour we were still all having a great time, which says a lot about the experience as a whole.

We alighted the boat at Butler’s Wharf (right round the corner from our office, score) and were taken to Cantina del Ponte, where we were stuffed with tasty Italian food and wine until we could barely stand. Of all the reasons to not be able to stand up, being too full of baby chicken and panna cotta isn’t a bad reason to have.

We had a great time, and we’d like to say a huge thank you to Paul from Forbo for making it all possible and if you ever get the chance to jump on a RIB boat, make sure you take it. You’ll never hear the James Bond theme tune in the same way again.

And now, the part you’ve all been waiting for, a mountain of selfies and Instagram pictures of fancy food. Enjoy.