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PENSONites are design nomads!

PENSONites are design nomads!

Despite launching our hugely exciting JO&JOE project, in collaboration with AccorHotels in September, the PENSON team have still been very busy getting out and about this autumn. We thought you’d like to catch up on all the things we’ve been up to that help inspire us to be a great team of eccentrics. Our designer,...
PENSON's Pick: Brooklyn Modern

PENSON’s Pick: Brooklyn Modern

For this weeks PENSON’s Pick we took inspiration from pared-back lofts from across the pond, where uber cool and thrifty Brooklynites yet again prove why they’re at the forefront of contemporary interior design scene. Brooklyn modern in a nutshell is an interesting mash up of Scandinavian minimalism, the 1970’s houseplant-haven look and vintage charm. The...