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PENSON's Pick: Organisation

PENSON’s Pick: Organisation

If you’re anything like us (and by us I mean me) then you’ll be an advocate for all things neat and tidy. I like things to be perfectly aligned at a right angle, organised in height order and grouped by colour and/or item. In the world of design things can sometimes get a little hectic,...
PENSON'S Pick: Feature Walls

PENSON’S Pick: Feature Walls

What was the one phrase that was said so many times on Changing Rooms it nearly made your ears bleed? “Feature wall”? That’s the one. The feature wall is everyone’s go to solution when they’re trying to revamp a room on a budget or to a deadline. It’s cheap, easy and – if it’s done...
PENSON's Picks: Flooring

PENSON’s Picks: Flooring

In the world we live in we’re constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to make a space stand out – statement furniture, intricate wall patterns and quirky light fixtures are now the norm in most households across the country. But what happens when playing around with wallpaper and sofas is no longer enough...