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Perch Light event at Moooi

Perch Light event at Moooi

If colouring in for adults is the new craze then origami needs to be on your to-do list too. It’s the perfect aid for relaxation. A few weeks ago the PENSON team crafted their own exquisite origami at the launch of the Perch Light at Moooi. PENSONites left feeling re-energised & crafty after just a...
PENSON's Picks: Windows

PENSON’s Picks: Windows

The theme of this week’s PENSON’s Pick is windows – big, small, weird and useless. All types of windows. Transparent holes into other people’s worlds. I actually didn’t realise how lovely windows could be until I started researching for this post and, trust me, windows are great. That’s probably why I ended up getting a little...