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PENSON's Pick: Monkey-ing around

PENSON’s Pick: Monkey-ing around

Style mavens take note: the coolest lighting trend for 2017 fits perfectly in the workplace, not just at home. After all – quirky lighting should be enjoyed all the time – not least when we spend most of our time at work. PENSON are a crazy cool bunch when it comes down to designing spaces...
PENSON's Pick: Brooklyn Modern

PENSON’s Pick: Brooklyn Modern

For this weeks PENSON’s Pick we took inspiration from pared-back lofts from across the pond, where uber cool and thrifty Brooklynites yet again prove why they’re at the forefront of contemporary interior design scene. Brooklyn modern in a nutshell is an interesting mash up of Scandinavian minimalism, the 1970’s houseplant-haven look and vintage charm. The...