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PENSON's Loops Chair | Les fleurs du mal

PENSON’s Loops Chair | Les fleurs du mal

Announcing Les Fleurs du Mal, our Loops Chair collaboration with Mark Product for Clerkenwell Design Week, featuring our very own handmade fabric.     Here, we explore the design story and inspiration behind our piece: In the PENSON studio, we take things, shake them up and find something totally unique. So, when we got the opportunity to reinterpret...
PENSON'S Pick | Tribal Chic

PENSON’S Pick | Tribal Chic

Following the Indaba Conference, we’ve had a look at our favourite current tribal trends. From statement pieces to simple colour palettes, tribal chic can come in all shapes and sizes – it can be as understated as a woven rug, or as out there as a bold wallpaper! One thing’s for sure – Team PENSON...