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Halloween Costume Inspiration For Architects

Halloween Costume Inspiration For Architects

Halloween has been fast approaching and today we wanted to provide you with some inspiration for your costume. Other professionals have it easy: doctors can wear their scrubs and policemen can wear their uniform, but what can architects do for an occupation-themed costume? It turns out that question was already answered back in 1931. The below...
Did you see us last night on The Apprentice - no deadwood with us!! "We’re hired!"

Did you see us last night on The Apprentice – no deadwood with us!! “We’re hired!”

The 2014 BBC The Apprentice will be remembered for Lord Sugar removing the ‘deadwood’ and without doubt no one will forget when he fired three candidates in one episode. Last night Lord Sugar’s task was to set up an online channel, which will go viral and gain millions of hits. As this was an internet...
PENSON's Pick: Loft Conversions

PENSON’s Pick: Loft Conversions

I remember learning from a young age that if somebody had a loft conversion they were admired by all. I would hear my parents whispering in the kitchen about Tracey and Jack from the down the road and how they’d had various builders and decorators in and out for the last two weeks. Maybe they were getting a...
The Best of #FridayFacts

The Best of #FridayFacts

Every Friday on our Twitter (if you’re not following us, why not?) we post a #FridayFact: something found within the depths of the Internet and dragged to the forefront because we thought a few of you might find comfort, laughter, inspiration or even admiration in it. From the genuinely surprising, to the frankly unsettling, here...
The PENSON Playlist: June

The PENSON Playlist: June

1) Mogwai 2) Arcade Fire 3) Snow Patrol 4) Mono 5) Toe 6) Rival Sons 7) Gavin DeGraw 8) Vintage Trouble 9) 311 10) Crooked Still
The Best Art & Design Instagram Accounts

The Best Art & Design Instagram Accounts

As the “Social Guru” of PENSON – yes, that really is my job title – I thought it would be nice to incorporate a little extra social media into the blog this week and discuss some of our favourite art and design based Instagram accounts. Instagram is a wonderful source of inspiration, well, most of Instagram is,...
Lee Penson's 'THINK!' at British Institute of Interior Design Conference

Lee Penson’s ‘THINK!’ at British Institute of Interior Design Conference

Next Thursday the 19th June a flurry of creative types will be heading to RIBA HQ in London for the annual British Institute of Interior Design Conference. This year the conference, titled ‘Life-Changing Design: Transforming The Human Experience’, will be discussing the issues surrounding the process of improving interiors through intelligent and creative design. The...
PENSON'S Pick: Feature Walls

PENSON’S Pick: Feature Walls

What was the one phrase that was said so many times on Changing Rooms it nearly made your ears bleed? “Feature wall”? That’s the one. The feature wall is everyone’s go to solution when they’re trying to revamp a room on a budget or to a deadline. It’s cheap, easy and – if it’s done...
The Best Buildings In London

The Best Buildings In London

As designers it’s our job to not only focus on our own creations, but also to keep an eye on what’s happening elsewhere in the world and in our field. We need to stay current, we need to stay original, and we need to be inspired. One of the best ways to be inspired is...
PENSON's Picks: Exposed Brick

PENSON’s Picks: Exposed Brick

One of the biggest trends in interior design right now is exposed brickwork – whether it’s old, new, or completely fake, we all want our stone on show. If you’re hunting for some ideas to help you transform your frumpy Peckham flat into a rustic New York loft, then look no further. Here are some...
PENSON's Picks: Storage

PENSON’s Picks: Storage

One thing that will instantly ruin the atmosphere of any environment – work or home – is clutter. The key to keeping things running smoothly is to have a successful organisation system, which generally translates to storage space. When it comes to storage you pretty much have two choices: keep it hidden or make it a...
PENSON's Picks: Patterns

PENSON’s Picks: Patterns

Patterns are the key to great design and can make or break the composition of a room. But it isn’t only your walls you can use a pattern in to add an extra layer to a space, patterned bedsheets, posters, pin boards, cushions, or even just stationery sat on a desk will have a huge...