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PENSON's Pick: The Modern Pumpkin

PENSON’s Pick: The Modern Pumpkin

White white white and more white. That’s the answer to this years’ Halloween. And don’t underestimate its effectiveness. Just grab yourself a mini white pumpkin, paint on some details, and then you’ve got yourself a perfect display piece that’s good to go. Banish the orange and blacks and swap them for the crispness of a...
PENSON's Pick: Halloween in monochrome

PENSON’s Pick: Halloween in monochrome

If you’re sick and tired of traditional black and orange Halloween combo, look no further and get some inspiration to style your home in monochrome this year. Get yourself some art supplies and go knock yourself out. Spray paint pumpkins, halloween masks from previous year, old wine bottles or any odd looking objects and display them around the house. To jazz...