We are big fans of open plan offices, so much so that most of our projects aim to break up walls and create flexible spaces without barriers. Crumbling those pesky cubicles lead to better communication, encourage collaboration and improve speed of work. It’s no surprise that more and more modern agencies are embracing this open-office trend. All sounds reasonable, right?


Build those walls back up again

However, if you typed in “open office” in Google, quite a few headings opposing this point of view would come up suggesting that not everyone is open to this out-of-the-box concept. They argue that productivity and job satisfaction are down due to lack of privacy: all eyes are on you, there’s no space that is truly ‘yours’ and brace yourselves – open offices let germs flow freely effecting employees’ health. Now, putting health at workplace issues aside (this deserves another blog post) all those concerns are legitimate.


Few walls are better than no walls

The way PENSON team addresses these issues is by avoiding extremes and creating a happy medium. We consider all work styles and know that on some days you want to be sociable and work along your colleagues, on others you just want to nip off, take your laptop and work in piece away from people and noise. We all have different ways of approaching work so we must take that on board every time we design a modern office. The aim here is to achieve a perfect balance recognising one’s need for privacy whilst embracing our need to be sociable.

How does this concept translate into our designs? We often choose open plan office layouts and incorporate break-out areas, “call your mom pods”, meeting rooms and other closed-door meeting spaces. It’s crucial to have a mix of different types of seating and make the space work around your needs.  Only when you feel comfortable will you work productively and stress-free. Our goal is to eliminate all unnecessary worries that prevent your from bringing your A game!




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