Wading our way through the world of design isn’t easy. PENSON’s work is a bi-product of never-ending research and heated discussions over a cupa. All those hours spent doing research, tweaking architectural drawings, perfecting mood boards, completing renders, selecting samples and writing reports often stay behind closed doors, so do the individuals who make it all happen.

While it’s true that our studio is mainly for meetings, brainstorming sessions and an occasional birthday bash, a lot of our ‘work’ gets done on our spare time: reading books, flicking through magazines, visiting exhibitions and trade shows, going to gigs, pinteresting – we draw inspiration from every day life and try to translate it into our designs.

To give you a better understanding of the people behind Del Boy’s living room in the Youtube HQ and a green velvet room at Google HQ, we decided to down our tools for a moment and throw our doors wide open: every now and again we’ll be introducing you to one PENSONite, where they will give you insight to their favourite things to see, listen to and read.

To kick it all off, I present to you Alicia – our creative mastermind from Scotland. Alicia’s our social butterfly and the Queen of networking. Despite her busy schedule, Alicia likes to explore the city and take in everything it has to offer.

Look at this 

 Martin Schoeller


 Read this 

 Olafur Eliasson

Make this 

 Not really festival season anymore, but still love these fringe shorts

Eat this 

Butternut squash curry 

See this 

Mad Max 

Drink this 

I went to Alice Underground Adventure at Waterloo and we got gin shot sweets while we were seeing the immersive theatre show, it was so cool!

Watch this

 The moan of life

 Listen to this

Catfish And The Bottleman

I’m not normally a fan of Indie music, but my flat mate convinced me to go to this gig and it was really good actually

 Do this

 Art And Design Cycle Tours

See you there!

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