Wading our way through the world of design isn’t easy. PENSON’s work is a bi-product of never-ending research and heated discussions over a cuppa. All those hours spent doing research, tweaking architectural drawings, perfecting mood boards, completing renders, selecting samples and writing reports often stay behind closed doors, and so do the individuals who make it all happen. A lot of our ‘work’ gets done in our spare time: reading books, flicking through magazines, visiting exhibitions and trade shows, going to gigs, pinteresting – we draw inspiration from everyday life and try to translate it into our designs.

To give you a better understanding of the people behind Del Boy’s living room in the Youtube HQ and the green velvet room at Google HQ, we decided to put down our tools for a moment and throw our doors wide open: every now and again we’ll be introducing you to one PENSONite, where they will share their weekend game plan with you.

Creative Visualiser Liz is the driving force behind our infamous visuals, polishing them up to perfection. A french gurrrl at heart, when she isn’t exploring the quirky streets of London you can find her in her native France with family and friends. A relative newbie to the PENSON family, Liz has fitted right in with our fun sense of design and work life. Since recently moving to be nearer the Thames, Liz has been filling her schedule with all things inspiring…

Look at this:

I’m planning a visit to the Tate Modern this weekend to discover Georgia O’Keefe’s work. The exhibition runs until 30th October 2016.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Read this:

‘It’s not how good you are it’s how good you want to be’ by Paul Arden 

This is a must read if you want to succeed in life or business. I borrowed this book from a dear friend of mine and absolutely loved it. This mini bible will help you make the impossible possible. 

Eat this:

Dragon Fruit 

I discovered this beauty recently on a trip to Bali. It’s delicious and full of goodness, and I absolutely love its deep pink colour and taste. Here’s the liquid version I had! 

dragon fruit

Experience this:

I’m not a big fan of outdoor thrills as I tend to get dizzy with heights…but I really loved Paramotoring. It’s an amazing feeling to be up in the sky and feel pure freedom!


See this:

I discovered this movie thanks to another great 3d visualiser and I would recommend it to anyone. A young Jazz drummer is mentored by his teacher but not in a way you would first suspect. It has an immense amount of drama which is aided by the fascinating use of lighting. What stunned me the most about this film was the way the lighting helps create the drama by adding melodic undertones. The majority of lighting used is low-key to 
highlight certain objects that form the centre of the drama. It has a distinct visual feel throughout, and as a 3d artist it’s really important to me to find the right source of inspiration to create and develop my scenes. 

Listen to this:

Bonobo – Black sands. It’s my favourite album.


Do this:


I’m really looking forward to this exhibition as I am a big fan of fashion photography. Fashion used to be my first love as I trained as a fashion designer originally. Make sure you catch the exhibition though as it runs for a limited time only from the 24th October – 3rd November 2016.

Kate Moss - Mert and Marcus