Believe In Better With Sky & PENSON

By Rosie Furlong

typographic poster with believe in better within a diamond on a galaxy background

Following a global competition, PENSON have secured the design framework to assist Sky TV with a complete reinvention of their current workspaces over a 1 million square foot campus.


The current Sky workplace has a set of problems that we see with a lot of large HQ’s: a lack of space, expansion scope and flexibility as well as overall poor working environments. Over a 2 year programme consisting of around 50-70 projects we’re going to be creating a rapid revolution for Sky on all commercial and emotional levels. We’ll be steering the company through a process covering brand ethos, workplace strategies and interior design in order to bring a whole new look and feel to the Sky you know today.


On top of rejuvenating their current offices, we’re also designing them a brand new one to help reignite their workplace even further – the Believe In Better Building. We’ve been drawing inspiration from a whole host of sources during the design process, from traditional English pubs to industrial factories, and we know this project is going to be a great one to unveil.