Co-Work Calls on PENSON

By Rosie Furlong

neon green ceiling details

“If you think budget doesn’t have to mean boring, appoint PENSON” say Co-Work, who are taking the world of shared workspaces by storm thanks to their unique, intelligent and economical business strategies. It’s only a matter of time before they reach the top and PENSON have been chosen to help make the journey as comfortable as possible, and to create a line of offices that people will actually look forward to going to work in.


We’re strong advocates of economical work processes here at PENSON and it’s a regular occurrence for us to provide impeccably high standards of design to clients on a lean budget. We decided that teaming up with a client who has similar beliefs about always working to do the best you can for your customers was a no brainer, and before you knew it we’d secured a rollout contract to design all future Co-Work buildings – starting with Co-Work Angel.


We were given an open brief to design a sleek, modern space rejecting all things boring, giving us plenty of freedom to do what we do best, and we ultimately created a spacious, vibrant and refreshing work environment whilst simultaneously ensuring nothing went to waste and keeping to a shrewd budget – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The large open plan office was the easy part, we knew it was the finishing touches that would transform the room and add that extra bit of flair. I think you’ll agree that we have that more than covered with the neon yellow paintwork, debossed ceilings, exposed pipework, impressive fluorescent lighting fixtures and glass conference rooms. That is, glass conference rooms embellished with huge sets of Angel wings – paying homage to the office’s location.


We’ve stuck to our trademark style and made sure the workspaces are bright, spacious and aesthetically pleasing. The more toned down the desk area is, the more freedom we have to experiment with other areas, such as the rest zone we created for this project: a separate space for workers to kick up their feet and relax that helps to bring a cozy contrast to the futuristic professionalism of the rest of the room – it’s like stepping out of Star Trek and into Friends. We even added a welcoming kitchen and top of the range coffee machine to keep everyone at the top of their game. This extra space to unwind is a luxury in the world of shared workspaces, with most other companies in the business squeezing all of their clients into one-room offices with no chance of genuine relaxation. There’s an example of just one of the ways PENSON are helping Co-Work to push themselves further up the industry ladder.

We’re not the type to forget that happy employees are the key to a smooth running office, and we designed a special call pod to allow workers to make both personal and business calls in complete privacy and comfort rather than having to lurk around in hallways or staircases like many other workspaces. You can even take a seat in the Bond villain-esque copper and leather armchair that was installed to add a little extra flair to the room.

Co-Work are continuing to make leaps and bounds in rapidly redesigning their field for the better and their next step is an office in Borough that has already been given a PENSON makeover and will soon be opening its doors to the public. After that it’s onto the next plot as Co-Work continue to carry out their impressive growth plans.


Overall this first project with Co-Work encompasses all that is PENSON: simple designs with a contemporary twist, not a boring light fixture in sight and clients taking all of their important calls from the comfort of a Bond chair. Where else?