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Lee Penson’s ‘THINK!’ at British Institute of Interior Design Conference

By Sarah Bean

lee balancing a chair on his hand

Next Thursday the 19th June a flurry of creative types will be heading to RIBA HQ in London for the annual British Institute of Interior Design Conference. This year the conference, titled ‘Life-Changing Design: Transforming The Human Experience’, will be discussing the issues surrounding the process of improving interiors through intelligent and creative design. The intention is to get people talking about the nature of good design and assessing the impact it can have when harnessed correctly and used to its full potential.


Year after year the conference has had an enviable line up of inspirational, influential and informed speakers who are ready to take to the stage and dissect the world of life-changing design. This year is the year that Lee Penson will be joining that line up with his presentation ‘THINK!’, where he’ll be tackling the issue of improving interiors to positively transform the human experience, which was one of the driving forces behind him founding PENSON ten years ago.


The world of architecture and design needs to be shaken up, and as we progress with our long term plan of doing just that, Lee wants to put across some of our thought processes in the hope of changing the rest of the industry for the better. Trust us, it’s not called ‘THINK!’ for no reason.


Tickets to the conference are still available, so if you’d like to be there to witness Lee’s speech first hand then you can be, just head over to the BIID website for more details.