Lotte World Tower Opens!

By Sarah Bean

lotte world tower at night

LOTTE World Tower is now open! After 7 years of planning & construction, £2.8 Billion spent, the World’s fifth tallest building in central Seoul is now complete. And what a sight it is to behold.


With interiors by PENSON, Lotte Tower’s 123 floors are at the cutting edge of European design. PENSON brought the right European approach and blended this with iconic Asian elements, creating a modern timeless design. Lotte stressed the importance of merging fast-paced Western dynamics with systemic Eastern ways and wanted the design of The World Tower to allow Western and Eastern cultures to co-exist whilst retaining authentic features specific to each. PENSON delivered the perfect design proposal in less than 4 weeks and were told that their fresh European approach and ability to deliver on time was exactly what Lotte were after.


With the World’s tallest glass observatory, the world’s highest swimming pool within a building, a 7 star luxury hotel, new workplace models, luxury residences & retail to die for, this is something PENSON is very proud to have been entrusted with as a project.