PENSON's 15th Birthday Year Antics

By Sarah Bean

A multi-coloured events space in JO&JOE Gentilly

We've been reflecting on our 15 years and what got us here...


Our CEO Lee started PENSON 16 years ago in a single small room in a business centre with just two PENSONites. Now we have studios in London, New York & Beijing.


Lee commented "By making that first small space special, we made it unique and about who PENSON was. It was tidy, functional, had second-hand furniture in it, but it was cool furniture.


It was laid out not to show off, but to demonstrate what we do best, and people genuinely love to see how we work - so in doing so, it became an extension of PENSON's personality. Our design mantra has never changed since. That first space also helped us to have a great place to work in, which meant that putting in the long hours that got us to where we are now wasn't such an unpleasant task!"


We've been celebrating our 15th birthday year in true PENSON style. Here's a low down of what we've been up to to celebrate being the outrageous adolescent that we are...


In April we went to the JO&JOE Gentilly opening party and danced the night away to celebrate it being one of the quickest fully booked hotels on launch.

Lee and Lucy in Gentilly
iconPENSON CEO Lee & Projects Director Lucy Penson
Asta and artist man
iconOur Associate Asta with Artist Morne Dmjc
three people stood over a very very long hot dog
iconAccor Group CEO Sébastien Bazin with the opening XXL hotdog
lee, lucy and damien picquolt
iconLee & Lucy Penson with Accor Group's Damien Perrot

We also went for a big meal (and we mean big) to our old haunt at La Barca in Waterloo where great wine, too much limoncello, and a whole lot of laughter filled the night!

Team PENSON at a dinner table in La Barca restaurant
iconTeam PENSON at La Barca restaurant
team penson at the dinner table
iconStudio stresses faded away...
team penson at the dinner table
icon... and deadlines became a distant memory!


In May we celebrated our chair design for MARK Product at Clerkenwell Design Week. Read all about our exciting foray into the world of furniture design here!

penson mark product loops chair
icon'Les Fleurs De Mal' | PENSON Loops Chair 2019


June brought with it our monthly social, so we headed to Masseoke at The Scoop in More London. Not ones to shy away, we made sure we celebrated.


July stood for new new new new!


- Percy Penson was born to our CEO and Director. 

- We relaunched our anticipated agency-style website.

- Our placement student, Ilkay, from last year exhibited her final award-winning project at Free Range

lucy and baby percy in the studio
iconWelcome to the PENSON HQ Percy Penson!
Ilkay Tek at her final project show
iconIlkay Tek | Free Range Show 2019
new penson website spread
iconPENSON new website 2019


- We welcomed our new Associate Zoe to the PENSON family! Check back in next week to find out more about Zoe's new start at PENSON...

- We won the build award for 'Best International Corporate Campus Design Practice - 2019'.

build architecture awards logo with penson annoucement
the hut group reception visual
iconTHG Campus, Visual by PENSON ©2019


Next up is our summer social (to be revealed soon) and our new projects releasing...

power boat yacht on the solent
iconThrowing it back to PENSON's Summer Social 2018...

On that note, let us leave you with some wisdom from our 15 years in the biz; PENSON's outlook is so refreshingly different. Our mantra with design is that you need to improve life at the core. You make things more efficient, more fun, more to the point. The good things in life are often very simple but very satisfying. We think first, before doing anything. At PENSON we solve things, it just so happens that we draw, visualise & virtualise too.