PENSON sponsor Edmond Shipway Director for MIPIM 2020 charity endurance ride

By Sarah Bean

A group of cyclists peddling on a road in the french countryside

We are excited to announce PENSON will be sponsoring Edmond Shipway director Jamie Crouch on a challenging but important charity endurance ride from London to this year's annual MIPIM event on 11 March in Cannes, France.


Every year the industry flocks to the famed annual MIPIM Real Estate Conference, and Edmond Shipway are seasoned visitors.


Instead of the usual transport, this year, Edmond Shipway Director Jamie Crouch decided to take up the exciting challenge of a charity cycling endurance event to Cannes (in association with Club Peloton) in order to raise money for a charity close to Jamie’s heart: Coram.


PENSON has sponsored Jamie’s endurance ride to raise awareness of Jamie’s chosen charity, Coram, and to raise funds for Coram’s vital work. PENSON will be supporting from the side-lines and, lucky for us, will feature on the suit that Jamie will wear for the event!


The cycling event takes place 5th – 10th March 2020 – London to Folkestone then Calais to Cannes, covering a total of 1500KM over 6 days, and hopefully reaching Jamie’s committed £3,000 target.


Jamie says: “It’ll be dark and cold in the mornings, and I’m sure I have no idea what pain I will encounter along the way (otherwise I probably wouldn’t have decided to do it!).” 


You can sponsor Jamie here.

Logo for Coram charity in red font
Logo for the Club Peloton organisation in joined up black font



PENSON’s sponsorship and the funds raised through Cycle to MIPIM will support the vital work of Coram.


Coram, the UK’s first-ever children’s charity was established in 1739 and has been transforming children’s lives for 277 years. Today, Coram helps hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children and young people every single year by developing skills, building emotional strength, upholding children’s rights and finding adoptive parents for those in the greatest need. The number of children in care is the highest it has been for years, meaning Coram needs support more than ever.


Wishing Jamie the best of luck for the challenge!


You can donate here.



On an additional note, you can see PENSON CEO Lee discussing key innovations for Real Estate at MIPIM in 2017 in the video below.