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PENSON's 2017 in ten concept images

By Rosie Furlong

2017 written in sparklers on a black background

With 2017 behind us and a new year starting, we decided to take a look back on our year of inspiration and imagery mood boards. Every time we get a sniff of a new project we hit google images, Pinterest, magazines, old mood boards – you name it and we find it. It’s our unique source of inspiration. We usually find them within about 5 minutes too. Everyone in the office gets involved. It’s the time where everyone gets their creative juices flowing. These images have been the source of all our designs across the year. It’s amazing how they get translated into a layout or piece of artwork or a colour scheme.

bowls of smoothies and fruit
illustration of two old women in bathing suits

“This represents everything that PENSON creates: health and a vibrant life.” Our Commercial Manager Sarah chose this image for a new workplace experience PENSON were creating. “Everything is so well put together too – but in an undone way.”

Lee’s choice was the image of two grannies. “This image is everything for me. Life is about having a laugh, having fun and not acting your age. Life is too short to be serious!”

neon orange t-rex head as a shower head

“What’s not love?! Ingenious, quirky and useful!” Some might not agree with Colin’s choice of shower but it came in handy when we were researching alternative shower experience options for a hostel project. We ended up going with red lips that poured a cascade of water. Make of that what you will!

Van Gog face made out of recycled objects
plywood shelving and wall coverings

Alicia’s choice was this range of material palette inspiration. “It’s reusing materials for something else entirely. It’s a piece of art. Viewing it up close and far away gives you a completely different perspective.”

Caroline’s top pick was the inspiration behind a travel concept we looked at last year. “The trend of the year! Plywood took off massively! It’s cheap, versatile and brings light into spaces you didn’t think could be made lighter. It allows you to create space out of space.”

This one was Asta’s choice. “It’s crazy, amazing, loads of cool patterns, colour and textures. It’s not as overwhelming as you think either. There’s nothing in the room and yet it doesn’t feel empty. All this expression has been created through a pattern.”

Associate Lan’s choice is a vibrant neighbourhood: “There is so much mystery and wonder in this image. You have so many questions. It’s deserted but looks full of life. You can hear all the noises of a city when you look at it.” We were looking at locations for a project and this image came up. “This is where you want to be: right in the middle of the city, the action, the local people and the experience.”