team penson stood waiting for their taxi in various states of disarray

There’s nothing like open water to calm the soul and to restore creative minds. That’s exactly what the PENSON team did in our annual summer social last week. We headed down to the Southern English coast and hopped on a fancy boat to spend the day catching up with colleagues and friends – all while sipping Pimms & taking in the beautiful surroundings.


Did we mention that we also hired a Rib boat? That was the coolest part. It’s a rigid-hulled inflatable boat and is lightweight but high-performance. The boat can reach speeds of 40 knots and upwards, depending on weather conditions. Once you hit a high speed and the waves are rough enough you get thrown into the air as you go over the waves. It was so exhilarating!


Like everything PENSON does, socials are not forgotten when it comes to taking things to the next level. We don’t just go for drinks after work, we get the craziest, most fun event and double the amount of action packed speed that goes into it.


See our images below for our crazy-cool PENSON social: